design office furniture




Customer service

Quick answers and swift deliveries
Manerba offer their clients a wide selection of products ready at store to furnish the office in ten days. A service aimed to exploit two competitive factors: the speedy of reply and fast delivery terms. Fast delivery guarantees the maximum flexibility of the entire operative structure which is able to deliver all over Europe in few days with our own Europe in few days with our own tracks and specialized factory workers.


Health and safety are common assets
The commitment of Manerba to safety and health of the working place is testified by a consistent investment in complying the products to Italian, European and international rules. The maximum levels of attained certification testifies an accurate work of Manerba that subject their products to continuous tests and select very carefully the production materials.

Project 3D

We give you the house keys
Manerba have thought a multimedia program, Project 3D, to unable their customer to use directly their product and service. PROJECT 3D is a very easy instrument to use/ furnishing needs. Project 3D guides the user to consult our catalogues and price-list, to projecting office space and to know if products are available at store.

Sales network

You always know who we are and where we are
Nationwide sales network with company-employed executives, appointed to provide on-the-spot assistance and take initial project design surveys. Direct customer contact has always been a company strongpoint. We personally know and follow our customers through all the stages of their choice of furnishing. This enables us to understand their needs and interpret them to design bespoke solutions, allowing for changes in the way workspaces are conceived and experienced.

Foreign market penetration

We work for one world but for many different countries
Foreign market penetration using qualified technical and sales personnel devoted to customers and their needs, from quotes to taking care of shipping, providing quick and competent answers to all requests received. Our agent and distributor network provides key market coverage, providing full product and company information in the appropriate language. Our ability to customise products to customer requirements, consistently adapting to local standards and needs, knows no boundaries.


Our work has a happy end
Distribution using our own vehicles and highly specialised teams of installers, directly employed by the company. The quality of our work only reaches completion when our furnishings are carefully “laid” on the customer’s premises. The installation stages require the contribution of suitably-trained professionals integrated in the company’s workforce. Construction systems are constantly evolving and this means ongoing training for the installation teams. Design products and tailor-made furnishings require a high level of care and attention, both to ensure performance levels and also to achieve the necessary regard for construction details and when handling valuable materials such as wood and glass. Our company has gained vast experience in the methods of coordinating complex work sites, being able to keep on schedule and handle important, complex logistic situations.

Design consulting

The best results are achieved by designing together
Manerba provides a service devoted to studying design layouts. This includes: Specific customer analysis in terms of customising the furnishing proposal, specification-based layout study, targeted research, involving the product, the materials used as well as compliance with standards, on-the-spot inspections with technical surveys and furniture renderings. Teamwork with the Research & Development office and Production enable complex, bespoke projects to be completed successfully. From requirement analysis to concept development, from the prototype and industrialisation phase right through to turnkey project execution.

Customer support service

Shared and transparent information
Customer support service involving product information, offer and order management and delivery status. The principle of transparency and permanent information forms a historic, cultural asset which Manerba makes available to customers covering all work phases. Over the years the company has developed a full set of professional skills, ready to provide customers quickly and efficiently with the answers they need. The hardware and software systems undergo constant development so that information can be correctly organised, achieving high levels of efficiency. Constant organisation and adaptation of ISO9001 procedures facilitate the integration of functions and competencies to support high levels of customer service.

Technical & after-sales service

Service never ends
Manerba has a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified system for managing non-compliant products and complaints. This tool certifies and enables monitoring for the management of problems arising at the assembly stage or subsequent use of products. The firm devotes a specific service for technical and after-sales service, which provides information, guarantees repairs, carries out technical on-site inspections using specialised personnel on call, supplies spare parts and provides on-site service.

Contract design service

We treat each environment according to its personality
Over the years Manerba has gained specific skills in made-to-measure supplies. The firm’s mission to accompany customers as their needs progress, leads to the development of technical and commercial skills markedly focussed on customised projects and followed in close collaboration with the Research & Development office. Preparatory work includes not only the furnishing layout, but also feasibility studies, researching new materials, verifying compliance with standards, carrying out technical surveys and on-the-spot inspections, sampling, prototypes and renderings.

Technical & standards consulting

Responsibility is the norm with us
Technical & standards consulting on the suitability of furnishings with regard to current standards and the relative methods of ensuring they achieve compliance. Manerba’s mission at the service of safety and health at the workplace is demonstrated by conspicuous investments in product adaptation, as well as constant attention to the entire production supply chain. Today Manerba holds 1500 certificates of conformity at the highest European standards, which demonstrate solid company responsibility with regard to customers. The achievement of the highest levels of certification is indisputable proof of thorough, painstaking work, from the design stage right through to product industrialization.

The office furniture market today is more complex, it requires added precision and must provide products with well-defined uses and features, ensuring quality and respecting current UNI-EN standards. All the certificates awarded are available in a company database, enabling end customers to receive true copies of the original certificates in real time. The company certification office provides end customers with every assistance, using experience gained to guide and advise on purchasing options in the complex panorama of ever-changing standards.

Furniture dismantling & reallocation service

If you want to change we know what to do
Furniture dismantling & reallocation service which includes managing disassembling and material separation processes to allow for disposal in allocated sites. Since office lay-outs have to abide by the requirements of Legislative Decree N° 81/08, it is important to remember that any change in furniture arrangement will always involve redesigning the space in order to comply with legal requirements. Our specialists are available for help with reconfiguration, and can also handle the logistics of dismantling, separating and preparing the various materials for later disposal. .

Maintenance service for furnishings supplied

Maintenance is an art which prevents problems and leads to savings
Our products are researched and designed to satisfy all requirements associated with resistance, durability, ergonomics and safety. We nevertheless recommend our customers to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance work on the units purchased, to preserve their original appearance and functions, as well as protecting user safety; a satisfaction for us as suppliers and you as customers.

A special manual is available on request with suggestions for the care and cleaning of furniture and surfaces. We can also prepare ad hoc suggestions for programmed scheduled maintenance, carried out by our specialist personnel. Maintenance of this kind includes checking mechanical moving parts and accessories for wear, checking shelves and their supports for resistance, checking for alignment with a plumb-line and spirit level and verifying overall stability.

Office + Retrofit design service

Intelligent reuse is a business of the future.
The Office + Retrofit project, born in collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic and Mantova Innocenter, gives customers the possibility of taking part in the experimental phase, already under way. We have set up a disassembling and retrofit laboratory at the production facilities in Mantua, with the aim of creating prototype devices and strategies to find new uses for office furniture.

Customers can take part in this experiment by asking us to use part of their furniture stocks when ordering new furniture from us. Manerba intends to use this project to promote new awareness in the office sector, which will very soon reach everyday people. Redesigning and reusing furniture from the past to furnish workplaces today, starting from the material, semantic, functional and aesthetic bulk of furniture and accessories by now obsolete, even where standards are concerned. Creative activity which is both functional, economic and semantically up-to-date. Interaction between a wide scope of abilities, so that redesign and reuse are valid in terms of sustainability and contemporary aesthetics, and in addition able to curb economic investment when renewing our workspaces. This service includes specific design development, working surveys and layout proposals for the obsolete item, with consequent adaptation.