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Professional Orders of Verona

The impressive headquarters of the Ex Magazzini Generali in Verona, a new 'common home' of professional orders, were recently inaugurated.
For interior structures and spaces, the design, quality and functionality of Manerba products have been chosen to meet different needs: meetings, round tables, more informal occasions, training moments. The K-word operative collection - with total white and total black opaque 2-place workstations and desks with polished ton-sur-ton accent strips - and the meeting tables of the same colour, K-box collection cabinets and seatings of our collections Net and Energy, give the spaces a unique and recognizable formal identity while at the same time stimulating a climate of collaboration, transversality and exchange among colleagues.
The transfer and the concentration of the headquarters of professional orders of the province of Verona - a project curated by Antonio Ravalli Architects and Arch. Paola Ravanello – has been the occasion to rethink the spaces not only as institutional sites but also as a potential open meeting site for partners and various interlocutors. The restructuring brought the buildings back to the past business centrality, with a careful conservation of the outer casing.

Supply location
Via Santa Teresa 2, Verona (Italy)

Completion of the work

November 2016

Products supplied

Executive furniture, operative furniture, seatings and cupboards

K-word, K-box, Net, Energy