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Barbieri Rubber
Reggio Emilia, Italy

The installation at the new Barbieri Rubber headquarter in Reggio Emilia is characterized by the presence of executive and operative furniture, monolithic glass floor-to-ceiling walls. In particular Manerba’s furniture follow the research of transparency and lightness designed by Archimagica design studio in Reggio Emilia.
The monolithic glass walls are integrated with structural steel columns, enhancing the combination of transparency and solidity of steel. Particular attention has been given to the connection between the structural beams and the glass walls.
Operative offices furnished with K_word collection in white finishing, integrate with the idea of modernity and lightness of the workplace.
The meeting room and the small rooms are furnished with Revo collection in white/chrome finishing.
Also for the seating it has been pursued the research of elegance and simplicity with Net collection in white colour.

Supply location

BARBIERI A. & C. Snc – Reggio Emilia, Italy

Completion of the work

June 2012

Products supplied

Glass partition walls, operative and executive desks, meeting rooms and break area

Manto, Revo, K_word, Net, Blog, Bridge

Project developed by

Planning Office Manerba

Architecture firm
Archimagica, Reggio Emilia