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Azienda Trasporti Milanesi
Milan, Italy

ATM, one of the most important transportation companies in Italy, is in charge of the public transportation in Milan. After 16 years, it has completely renewed its Operations Room, which is the control site for the transport surface area. The new room, a temple of technology inspired by the Control Room in the city of Dubai, has been set up in record time by Manerba.

Manerba’s main aim in furnishing this important Operations Room is to provide the staff with the most comfortable conditions and the most effective access to the input- and output-system tools, which are now completely computerized. The basic components of this layout are operative counters and seatings. The furniture needs to be highly ergonomic and solidly built, as it is subject to use 24 hours a day.

The control room customized furnishings has been designed to satisfy the needs of the customer. The oval shape of the room has structured the project guidelines. The furniture supplied for this project, with a significant aesthetic value, will accompany the life of the system, with a very slow resistance to usage and to the 'ageing' process. Manerba was able to carry out the work and to make the Operations Room effective within the record time of 30 days.

Supply location
ATM SpA – Operations Room - Via Monterosa, 89 - 20100 Milan (Italy)

Amount tendered
€ 208.600,00

Completion of the work
Year 2009

Products supplied
Operations center, conference room, meeting rooms, various offices

Click Manager, Socrate, Manto Linea

Project developed by
Planning Office Manerba