design office furniture



Rome, Italy

The offices of the regional headquarters of the Inpdap Roma 3 are set in a six-floor building close to Nomentana Road. The interior furnishing was done in the offices on the second, third and fourth floors for a total surface area of 1.800 sq. meters.

The furniture chosen for the operating stations were the Click_operative collection with oak/grey aluminum finishing.

The executive offices instead foresee the use of the Click_manager line in white wood and chromed framework. The expansive office of the Director is an elegant and sober room, which upholds the refined design of the Revo collection in black, lacquered glass.

Supply location
INPDAP ROMA 3 - Via Carlo Spegazzini, 66 - 00156 Rome (Italy)

Amount tendered
€ 130.000,00

Completion of the work
May 2011

Products supplied
Executive and operative offices

Revo, Click manager, Click operative, Manbox operative, Pratica, Eros

Project developed by
Planning Office Manerba