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Darimec Industriale Srl
Milan, Italy

Among the most important contracts carried out by Manerba,it is worth mentioning the new Milanese office of Darimec, the European leader of sub-contracting products and furniture.The project is meant to create a contemporary and formal setting, perfectly suitable to the requirements of the client.

The furniture used include the executive Revo collection and ClickManager, the Thin Box cupboard sandthe wall-system Manto. The strong point of this supply are the curved crystal walls by the main entrance, made to fit the space with a sophisticatedly personal result.

In other areas the wood partition walls match well with the crystal finishes and bring out the brightness of the workplace and allow to rationalize the space.
The wall system plays a key role in the creation of colour contrasts: white or transparent elements match with the light-coloured tops of Click and Revo desks and white polished wood ThinBox cupboards, the effect they make against the back leather seats is remarkable; on the contrary the dark walls and tops are matched with white leather seats. To complete the picture, chromed steel underlines the technical use of the desks and seats.

Supply location
Darimec Industriale Srl - Via Ribattino, 94/A, Milan (Italy)

Amount tendered
€ 232.800,00

Completion of the work
February 2009

Product supplied
Furnishing offices, meeting rooms and equipment walls

Revo, Click Manager, Thin Box, Manto

Project developed by
Planning Office Manerba

Engineering firm