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Flowered Office, Milano Design Week 2018, Palazzo Litta 17-22 April 2018
“Il faut cultiver son propre bureau comme un jardin”.
Manerba, the all-female company born in Mantova in 1969, which grows and expands the concept of Evolving Office, project after project, seems to echo Voltaire. As part of The Litta Variations / 4th movement at Palazzo Litta, Manerba presents Flowered Offices, its very personal, feminine and colourful view of the office, in an unusual layout designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti and Ilkka Suppanen: a veritable “blooming of ideas” that decks the central arcade, where the company’s projects meet people and improve, as they try to understand and respond to the new ways of contemporary living and working.

Manerba tells us about this new view in a polyphony of designers’ voices – Shane Schneck and Raffaella Mangiarotti and Ilkka Suppanen – and a wide range of projects, from the green, soundproof Apollo work system, to the Undecided sofas doted all around the trail, next to the light Litta desks and tables. Wireless is the buzzword here: actually, wires are not only hidden, as in the Apollo, inside the hollow C-shaped legs, there isn’t any at all, as in Undecided and in the Litta Collection, as a hidden rechargeable battery that’s very helpful for recharging our devices keeps the desk looking good, yet functional and easy to move around.
So, with these new projects, Manerba’s concept of the office comes into full bloom: words like hybridisation, sharing, privacy, flexibility, relax, colour, soundproofing are a source of inspiration for its masterly designs and the key features of today’s new ways of working, where spaces and purposes live together in ways that were unthinkable before.
Superior design, aesthetics, function and long-term reliability are the features that Manerba has been rewarded for as many as three times by a prestigious international institution, the Chicago Athenaeum: it received the Good Design Award from the Museum of Architecture and Design with the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies: for its Revo collection in 2009; for the K-Word system one year later, both designed by Giovanni Giacobone + Massimo Roj – Progetto CMR; and this year for the Undecided Sofa by Raffaella Mangiarotti and Ilkka Suppanen.
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