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Manerba and an Undecided "army" arrive at the Triennale for the exhibition 999. From 12th of January to 2nd of April 2018.
Manerba and an Undecided 'army' arrive at the Triennale for the exhibition 999. A collection of questions about contemporary living. From 12th of January to 2nd of April 2018.

999 is the number of questions that have been collected by Stefano Mirti for his exhibition on contemporary living at the Triennale. And Manerba - a Mantuan company that senses and satisfies new ways of living and working with the My Office is My Home / My Home is my Office philosophy - helps to provide answers, as a technical partner.

It does so from two privileged points of the exhibition itinerary:

- Manerba's Undecided seats will be central to the 'Talk area' setting, thus showing how a conference room can now be flexible and interchangeable in terms of layout, to adapt to the several types of meetings: more and more informal dialogues and involving the public. The Undecided are modular structures on which it is possible to house a series of cushions to be freely composed in a kind of personal mosaic, playing with dimensions, heights, swivel or fixed bases, color combinations, fabrics. Moreover, in the high versions, they are highly performing in terms of sound insulation and absorption.

- within the project What is my home like? developed by Lab.I.R.Int, Polytechnic in Milan and Genera Onlus - a consideration on how the house is perceived and experienced by people suffering from Alzheimer's: often some objects, furnishings or daily customs make 'home' a place for the sick of Alzheimer's. Manerba will try to seize this challenge by creating a stopping point inside the central ring of the space, with a two-colored Undecided sofa, designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti and Ilkka Suppanen, to meet therapists and designers, deepen the theme or analyze a lived experience.

A sofa designed for the office but with all the features to enter even in domestic environments (think of the ease of maintenance and cleaning, removing and washing even a single cushion).
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