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HOMI Milan –The exhibition dedicated to lifestyles / 15-19 september 2017
Inside the Homi Milano Materials Culture area, Manerba has been selected for the project HOMI Hybrid Lounge, thanks to collaboration with an innovative laboratory that has picked up last materials and finishes trends for the Interior Design.
The Undecided Sofa was exhibited at the BIO-BLAZE booth at Homi, conceived by Raffaella Mangiarotti and Ilkka Suppanen for the perpetual redefinition of work spaces: the high upholstered backrest is an invitation to carve out a private corner where to meet without formalities; an acoustically comfortable and isolated place to talk vis-à-vis, leaning on the soft pillows.

Three steps to create the Undecided sofa:

•Choose the height: two pillow cases for the lower version, three at headrest height and four for the 'meeting setup' that transforms the Undecided Sofa into a charming and comfortable mini-meeting room with high acoustic absorption.

• Choose colors: make your own 'chromatic playlist' - monochrome, bicolor, for nuances or random - is the atout of this couch; and the plus is that the composition can be updated at any time, removing or replacing the pillows, even in a corner or a delimited area.

•Make a decision: sit back, breathe, think; deciding it has never been so simple, beautiful, and comfortable.