design office furniture




Harmony and quality in all work environments

To guarantee quality solutions for all workspaces, in perfect harmony with the technologies, but also the scents, the colours and the spirit of time. To interpret spaces and office furnishings as closely linked to the person. To satisfy new ways of living and working according to the Revo Home concept.

Emotional design

Your future acquires status in tomorrow’s museums
In connection with the presentation of new working systems that were devised with an eye to innovation, design and executive quality. The company has launched two new products, the executive collection Revo and the operative system K-Word. Thanks to Revo, Manerba has received the Good Design Award from the Museum of Architecture and Design of the Chicago Athenaeum, one of the most important US cultural organisations, with the following reason: innovation, shape, materials, functionalities and usefulness. Revo is now part of the museum’s permanent collection. In 2010, also the K_Word collection has been awarded the Good Design Award.


We have achieved certification to provide added confidence
A constant work towards efficiency is one of the characteristics of Manerba. The quality check is a very important company factor. ISO 9001 certificate guarantees efficiency of the organisation and procution as weel ad customers’care. The UNI-EN ISO 14001 certification guarantees an effective check of the environment aspects related to the company activity. ISO 14001 enable Manerba to reach their production, quality and satisfaction aims keeping under control environment impact.


Material is the message
Manerba thank to their consolidated experience in office forniture field have developed a constant research in materials and new soltutions to reply to taste changement and new project needs. Manerba’s constant renewal of production leads to collections that combine design, ergonomics and functionality.


Do good to yourself and to the world
Manerba pays attention to the aspects of recycling of materials in addition to the main eco-design concepts. This sensitivity runs through important ruote of commitment business on the concepts of recycling product and
eco-sustainability. In particular, the forniture range Click, optimizes the use of constructive materials and components, in order to impose the least possible environment. Thanks to plug-in system you it’s possible “to convert” the office, maintaining the structure metal and replacing the wooden floor. This provides a longer duration of desks, avoiding to dispose of the most part of the material used.

ECO-SUSTAINABILITY: a commitment for Manerba
Awareness on the question of sustainability means constant commitment for Manerba throughout the firm’s organisation chain, from product conception to research and development, production, logistics, after-sales service and communication.
- At the design stage importance is placed on the following eco-design criteria:
- adopting designs aimed at implementing the product in time, following criteria inspired by convertibility and flexibility of use;
- adopting a systemic design approach, which researches new opportunities in the vast range of already-existing materials and improves the product’s sustainability features;
- minimising the use of materials (reducing thicknesses);
- reducing the number of components used, sharing the use of interchangeable, modular parts;
- researching innovative and natural materials using production methods coherent with the product;
- researching natural and recyclable materials, reducing the use of substances harmful to the environment, researching and privileging production processes which require less energy;
- adopting standard, dismantling connections to facilitate maintenance, reconfiguration and reassembly;
- devoting ourselves to designs following the culture of reuse.
At the production stage:
- applying suitable procedures to production programming, avoiding overproduced goods or material wastage;
- adopting supplier selection policies in favour of local sources;
- researching production methods which respect the environment;
, constantly monitoring quality and production processes to avoid defects.
At the usage stage:
- preferring durable products, guaranteeing repairable components, after-sales service and spare parts;
- integrating sub-component dismantling to facilitate separation and disposal;
- designing product packaging to reduce packaging material content;
- providing suitable assembly methods and instructions, leading to non-destructive, simple, quick dismantling;
- enabling product updating, thus extending product life.
At the transport, distribution and packaging stage:
- optimising the efficiency of the various means of transport, making use of an organised distribution system;
- selecting suppliers near to the production site;
- reducing the necessary content of packaging material, using recycled packaging and reusing containers.
At the communication and training stage:
- contributing to the communication of projects in favour of sustainability and actively promoting a new awareness to the concepts of reuse;
- promoting the principles of eco-sustainability and transparency;
- involving staff and the supply chain in a process of continuous improvement of procedures concerning the respect of the environment and social responsibility;
- providing customers with clear information, transmitted via the website.

Office + Retrofit

Together we design life’s extension
Manerba gave life together with MAIN (Manova Innocenter) and with unit Advanced Research Design of Politecnico of Milan, an ambitious experimental project for the development of large stores furniture used and often no more functioning that any entity or custumer Private owns. The project is called “Office + retrofit” and has the ambition to studying the processes of legislation reutilization, aesthetic, functional, that can be put in place to give a second life to these assets instead of buying new furniture and pay the enormous cost of disposal or storage of used ones. Manerba offers to clients (public and private) the opportunity to participate in experimental phase in place for the development of this project.

The Office+Retrofit® project of MANERBA has been chosen by the ADI Design’s Permanent Observatory for publication in the first volume of the ADI Design Index 2011 for the new three-year cycle, which is screening the candidates for the next ADI Compasso d'Oro award. This prestigious international award is the most outstanding acknowledgement of the quality of the production and design of Italian goods, services and design systems.
The Laboratory O+R for disassembling and retrofitting started off in October 2010 at the Company’s head office with experimentations on the first items, using office production leftovers and off-range collections. Just a few months later, it created a new collection of complete “Office+Retrofit®” furniture.
With the growing awareness of the production sector and the most important avant-garde artists and designers toward this great issue in society today such as the reutilization of goods, "Office + Retrofit®" proposes innovative operational modes for the reduction of economic investments related to the disposal and storage of used products, or more generally, the refurbishing of the work place. The important annual screening phase was conducted by about 150 experts, organized in commissions operating on three different levels - regional, themes and final screening – following a strict work methodology and exclusive criteria of merit. The latter acknowledgements were given to the ambitious and innovative experimental project of MANERBA.
This prestigious prize once again demonstrates the continual experimentation and profound sensitivity of MANERBA which is able to recover resources through innovative procedures that target the quality of life in the work place, encompassing broader social issues. “Evolving Office” is in fact the pay off factor identifying the Company’s corporate philosophy and mission, enhancing awareness within the world of contemporary office design, and foreseeing the need to reinvent these sites with the optimization of sustainability, the key to the interpretation of future trends.

Strategy and communication

We photograph the essence of reality
The company strategy aims today to a strong brand recognition, so as to be a benchmark of the market. The care of catalogues and sales instruments is addressed to the high reference target and to the final clients, as well. A completely new image communicates the promise made to the market: the capability to supply vanguard solutions for office layouts.